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Written by Rahul Vats   
Aug 09, 2004 at 08:30 AM

About Me:
Well to know about anyone, I will say is very simple as well as very hard. The quest to know someone should start from knowing oneself and all your questions will be answered. Thats on the very spiritual side of knowing me. 

On the worldly side of knowing me I always felt the following.  


Do not Judge me, my time will change and so will your judgement. This quote is courtesy of Mr. Anshuman Dwivedi. I sincerely believe in this saying which was introduced to me by my friends as I have seen and felt over and over again that so very often the view of people have changed about me from good to bad and from bad to very good with instances and situations concerning or may not concerning them. So I believe that its good to not judge someone as your judgement is prone to change with time.

But still I believe that one must believe and should be firmly attached to their roots.

And still if you want me to know more about me, ask from the people who know me or read the testimonials in the testimonials sectin of the website.

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