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Written by Rahul Vats   
Aug 09, 2004 at 08:30 AM

Interests: An Interesting word. Well I have a lot of interests.

Social Networking: I like meeting people, hearing them, knowing them, their culture, traditions, their views to life and realizing the fact that to the core we are all the same human beings, with everyone having same or similar feelings, emotions and needs. We all need food to eat, water to drink, clothes to wear, a house for shelter. We all laugh in joy, smile in happiness, cry in sorrows and pains. We all want to be loved. so why should there be any division between the people of the world. Why shall there be any hatred? One of my very foremost area of interest which takes me to understand the so many more deeper aspects of life, "Spirituality, Psychology, Philosophy" but to me they all are related somewhere, and forming an area of my interest but under the bigger umbrella of what I label as Social Networking or just Socializing. :)

Technology: Technology is one of my foremost area of interest which begins with trying to develop and work on new technologies myself to study about the latest being developed to the oldest being used effectively. I think technology is one thing that requires a very focused and dedicated approach to it keeping in mind that technology that we are developing is going to be useful and will be effective in sustaining the world for our generations yet to come. being a computer major most of the technologies that come across to me are often related to programming or new gadgets, which I totally love. But my keenness is more in studying and developing more effective energy sources that are sustainable (renewable and green) and are effective as well (in terms of energy produced compared to the effort involved in producing). I will be writing a lot of articles related to my work and other areas of technologies under technical blogs section of my website.

Literature & Journalism: Journalism to me is something that creates your interest about other fields and increase your awareness by publishing your candid opinion on the substance of matter. But Journalism more or less now have just become a substance of "Prime or Crime" right now. no Journalist brings to light some good work of people who are working at a local level, trying to do good to a community which can benefit a bigger society in a bigger picture provided the work is paid attention to and apply with the correct approach in the bigger picture. I often write pieces of article portraying my views on a event but often I do it as a part of a literary work. I want to get more of the Journalist doing Journalism work that I like, for that keep an eye on the literary blogs section of my website. Along with the journalist work, some work will be featured on poems, songs, stories as well, which also comes under my area of interests and hobbies. Under Literature, I could have created and kept on writing my blogs on Sanskrit, but cnsidering the vastness and giving the due credit to the mother of so many language, I have created another section altogether as Sanskrit Blog Section, please do comment and if you like follow my blogs.

Photography: Photography also appeals to me a lot and equipped with some of the very high end cameras, I often embark on a journey to places taking snaps with my unique perceptions and angles to view the beauty of the nature. People have often commented me with their support and liking of my work, so here in the photography blog section of my website and also the gallery for some of my snaps. :)

Sports and Physiology: Oh boy, talk about sports and I am always ready. More so for Cricket, anytime, any place which is accessible to me. But for past some time I have developed quite some passion for all most all sports, that my friends allow me to join them in. :) I have played Golf, a leisurely kind of sport to Tennis a very athletic sport and I do quite ok in all (According to my definition :)). And for playing all these sports I have started paying a lot of attention to my overall physique, which includes paying attention to the nutrition that I am getting to, working out on my body structure involving doing "cardio" to "weights" to "swimming" also involving "meditation" and "yoga" to improve one's physical health. So this area of my interest I label it under Sports and physiology, I will very soon be starting a blog highlighting the things that I do to keep myself fit and in shape. Believe me when I say that, and I say that and am thinking about that as a lot of people have asked me and waiting for it as they have seen the changes in my fitness level in just under 4 months in 2009 from February to May.

Entertainment: I might not have been very fluent in putting a name to interest but my area of interests have really been very broad so I always try to put in the broadest category which can encompass all the activities under it that are likely alike. I like music a lot. Having worked on a project of music album called "Innovative Expression" myself, I developed a interest for all kind of music and every aspect of music making. When I say myself I mean as a person coordinating in the project to see for its smooth working, else all the creative aspects of the music were handled by the bunch of my best friends mainly headed by my friends in Anshuman Dwivedi, Gagandeep Singh Khanna, Hemant Mehar and Shreeti Roy. There are so many more to be named but you can find a list of all of them under the projects section of the website. Beside music I like plays, script writing, Story writing etc. I like other forms of entertainment in playing video games, developing them, playing other forms of games like bowling, card games, chess, etc. 

So overall you can see that I take every thing in the world that I do not find anything wrong with as an area of interest and am always very keen and eager to work on it, putting in my best to create a master piece from where arose the concept of "TOPWAY INNOVATORS" which is really the biggest area of my interest. I will be writing a lot of blogs and articles on my website covering my areas of interests.

So Keep Reading. Smile

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