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As I already told you that I like meeting people, hearing them, knowing them, their culture, traditions, their views to life and affirming the fact that to the core we are all the same human beings, with everyone having same or similar feelings, emotions and needs. We all need food to eat, water to drink, clothes to wear, a house for shelter. We all laugh in joy, smile in happiness, cry in sorrows and pains. We all want to be loved. so why should there be any division between the people of the world. Why shall there be any hatred? One of my very foremost area of interest which takes me to understand the so many more deeper aspects of life, "Spirituality, Psychology, Philosophy" but to me they all are related somewhere, and forming an area of my interest but under the bigger umbrella of what I label as Social Networking or just Socializing. :)

For socializing I lve to meet people in person. But very often it is the case that you meet a person and then as you are realizing the person you have to say bye, and with this it marks the end of a great bonding in person, realizatin of common interest, and so many things more. However with the invent of technologies, keeping in touch with each other have become easy. And here comes social networking sites like orkut.

Off course I have an orkut account and here is a link to my orkut account:
Rahul Vats