SQL SERVER – Stored Procedure Optimization Tips – Best Practices

December 8th, 2014

Visual Studio: Multiple Projects in One Solution

December 8th, 2014

C# Phone Screen Questions (with Answers):

June 7th, 2013
1. What kind of type is a string?
Ans: reference

2. What kind of type is a double?
Ans: value

3. What keyword defines a custom value type?
Ans: struct

4. Can a class have more than one direct base class?
Ans: no

5. What keyword makes a member visible to inherited classes?
Ans: protected

6. What keyword makes a class visible only within its assembly?
Ans: internal

7. What keyword allows a method to be overridden?
Ans: virtual

8. What keyword requires a method to be overridden?
Ans: abstract

9. What keyword prevents a class from being used as a base class?
Ans: sealed

10. What keyword returns true if a cast will succeed?
Ans: is

11. What keyword returns null if a cast will not succeed?
Ans: as

12. What keyword ensures code execution even if an exception occurs?
Ans: finally

13. What keyword calls IDisposable.Dispose?
Ans: using

14. What keyword constrains a generic type argument to derive from a particular class?
Ans: where

15. What two keywords used together return IEnumerable?
Ans: yield return

16. What keyword would you use to define an inline variable in a LINQ query?
Ans: let

17. What keyword brings an extension method into scope?
Ans: using

18. What keyword do you add to a delegate to force subscribers to use += or –=?
Ans: event

19. What method do you call on a delegate to run it on a background thread?
Ans: BeginInvoke

20. What keyword provides thread synchronization?
Ans: lock

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